Hello Church Family,

In response to the recommendations of the CDC and the Federal and State authorities, we are implementing measures to help mitigate the spread of the Corona virus. While the governor never issued a restriction of religious services, it was highly recommended to suspend services which we did for over 2 months. Now that the Governor has lifted the Safer at Home restrictions and has implemented a new Safe, Smart, Step-by Step phased re-opening of the state, we have decided to resume services on Sunday morning for now and will resume
Wednesday activities once the Phase 2 plan is initiated. This is only temporary and will be updated on a week to week basis until the threat of this crisis has passed

As always, we will be live streaming our Sunday morning services on our website, www.thechurchonthehill.org. All parishioners are welcomed to attend. However, if you have experienced any illness, we ask that you would please be considerate of others and remain quarantined until such time that you are deemed well. We will have Children’s Church available but will not be able to insure physical distance regulations due to the limited understanding of the risk by children and the limited space within the classrooms. If you are concerned about possible contamination, we suggest and understand keeping your children with you in the auditorium.

All auditorium seating has been arranged to allow between 17 to 25 family groups to sit together and still fall within the recommended CDC guidelines for physical distancing. We ask that you please fill in the seats beginning in the front and sides of the auditorium leaving a minimum of 3 empty seats between you and a non-family member. Once the auditorium has reached capacity, you are welcome to sit
in the foyer and view the service on the monitor while still observing physical distancing.

If you are still concerned about the possibility of being contaminated, you are certainly welcome to wear whatever PPE that you will be comfortable with, however, we will not be providing any type of PPE from the church and cannot guarantee the elimination of possible transmission of any type of sickness. We are a faith-based people and we trust that God will protect us despite the risks.
Obviously, if you feel you are at risk of contracting the virus, we advise that you remain quarantined in your home until the risk has subsided.
Our Wednesday night activities continue to be suspended, however due to the small nature of our Youth, which remains under the CDC recommended 10/50 people, they will continue to meet on Saturday evenings at 6 PM.

We encourage you to be faithful in your giving. If you cannot give in the offering on Sunday mornings, you can still give online through our website or simply mail your check to the church: Belleview 1st Assembly of God, 10050 SE US Hwy. 441, Belleview, FL 34420

We know that this is a great inconvenience for all, but we know that with God’s grace and help, we can come through this momentary trial strengthened by His love and power. Continue to be faithful in your time of devotion and prayer and please continually remember your pastoral staff and church leadership as we navigate these un-chartered waters together.

In His Service,
Pastor Tim A. Lastinger
Lead Pastor –

The Church on the Hill

d/b/a Belleview 1st Assembly of God

The  Church  on  the  Hill