The  Church  on  the  Hill

Speed the light is where our youth get involved helping buy vehicles for missionaries around the world.

BGMC teaches kids the importance of giving and the money raised helps missionaries buy supplies and equipment all over the world!

We Support Missions!

Light for the lost helps with the cost of publishing material in other languages so that missionaries have material they need to reach the country they are in.

US missions helps support a number of organizations such as chi alpha, Teen Challenge, and MAPS. Each Ministry is a vital help in reaching people all across America.

The goal of the Women’s Pregnancy Center is to provide every client with the best possible care and support, while sharing accurate information about the life she is carrying.

"Go and make disciples of all nations"

World missions will Reach those lost in the world, Plant churches in lost areas, Train locals to become teachers of the word and, Serve as needed to help further the Gospel.