The  Church  on  the  Hill

Men's Night

Led by Pastor Mike, the men will meet and discuss difficult topics that impact all men. We work together as a close group to provide accountability, friendship, and understanding. Ultimately understand our role as the head spiritual leader of our household.

Sunday Nights

We do not have a traditional Sunday evening service. Each Sunday night of the month is different. However, they all start 6:00! The Nights are on a scheduled rotation so check the newsletter to see what is the next night scheduled or simply contact us! 

Prayer Nights

On prayer nights we all join collectively in the sanctuary for individual prayer during the first half and then discussing what God may have laid on our hearts during the second half. All are welcome to join!

Family Night

Its all about family. Family is one of the most important things! And here at The Church on the Hill we are a family. Everyone is welcome on family night. You never know what kind of fun you'll get yourself into! 

Ladies Night

Led by Nikki Lane, this night is for ladies only. Each week will be facilitated to teach, fellowship and disciple. This is a great time to work with other women to deal with problems you may face on a daily basis.